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Mon, 14 Jan 2013

January 14, 2013
This is my first preparation day in the field, so I get to email home. This will be a fairly short letter since I already wrote this week, but some things have happened since my last letter. First, we found out where Elder Smith is going after this transfer: Chicago city. We've been working hard and having good success; on Sunday we had four investigators at church, and right now we have two investigators on date to be baptized, one for the 26th and one for the 2nd. We're also making really good progress with a couple, Maria and Leo, who really want to be baptized, too. When we first encountered them, Maria was very interested in our message, but Leo only sat through our lessons because Maria made him be there. In our last visit, though, Leo seemed to have had a great change of heart. Since our previous visit, he had read some of the Book of Mormon himself, and he was engaged in our lesson. After church yesterday, he told us that he'd really enjoyed himself and wanted to come back again. On Sunday, we had three back to back dinner appointments with members — I've been eating pretty well here (and the food is actually good, unlike the MTC cafeteria). We've also had great success contacting this week. We found four new investigators, and twelve potential new investigators. I've met pretty much all of the active members of our branch, now (it helped that Elder Smith has been in this area for six months and wanted to say goodbye to everyone before he left). Now, I just need to work on remembering who they all are. As much as I like Elder Smith, I'm pretty excited for transfers tomorrow, because our car apartment, etc. are not big enough for three elders, and being in a trio is hard in general. I'm looking forward to the coming weeks and the experiences I'm going to be able to have.
Elder Bryan Hall
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Bryan Elliot Hall St. Peters, Missouri 

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